Friday, 14 October 2016

Making the classroom a personality inclusive envrionment - 5 tips

"Extroverts and introverts depend on us to do great things!" I love this quote from the webpage commonsense. (Higgin, Tanner Feb.16,2016)

The article refers to Susan Cain's Ted talk and mentions 5 classroom strategies that help both types of personalities achieve their best work.

1. Make choice central - I have been trying to achieve this by letting students chose their topics for presentations/major products. I am going to check out 3D game lab as well which will go into the topic of Gamification in the classroom.

2. Redefine participation - this is something I have to do in my classes' that have a participation mark. A very valid point that this usually favors the extrovert. I had never looked at it like this before but seems quite clear now.

3. Play with space - In our program we are starting to use more of the space that is provided instead of just being in the classroom. I teach in the summer so am starting to be more comfortable with going outside on a nice day as this is a good break.

4. Embrace backchanneling - As a program all our courses have a discussion forum on the learning module desire 2 learn. I could try to use this more in the future.

5. Create flow between social and reflective activities - I need to do a better job of doing this but I find in the lab setting I take 2 students and we do verbal discussions while another 2 have an individual task where they are writing.
All and all great tips and things to remember to make the classroom a personality -inclusive environment. 

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