Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Life Long Learning

What does life long learning mean to me?

I think in general it means to always be curious and to try new things. I always say you only live once, and for some reason I have always enjoyed meeting new people, experiencing new things, and asking questions. With this home made recipe comes learning.

As a professional, life long learning means staying relevant with the times. I can't expect to have the same lectures for the next 20 years. Especially in my field, technology is changing so rapidly. Trying and learning about new things will keep the job exciting and enjoyable. Also learning new things will keep me employable! Who knows what will happen as jobs become cut and our way of teaching education changes around us to include more online courses. If I do not learn and adapt I will be left behind.

We learn everyday and I think that is the excitement about living. I get a buzz about learning and a feeling of accomplishment, which makes me feel good. Positive reinforcement!

The world around us is constantly changing and adapting and so must we.

Below is a link to some benefits to life long learning.

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