Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Feedback - The delivery of...

I was talking to my brother recently and we were talking about feedback for students. My brother has been teaching for 15 years at the junior and senior high school level and had recently gone to a conference. He was mentioning how he picked up a line when giving feedback that he was going to use. The sentence was " I am giving you these comments because I have very high expectations and I know that you can reach them."  I thought about this for a moment and compared it to what I normally say, which is " I have some feedback for you and am hoping you will use in your future practice or your next competency." What a difference a sentence can make! My brother's example in my opinion gave expectation, positivity, and helped build the relationship between student and instructor. I wanted to write this someone so I would not forgot how important the delivery of feedback is and so I would not forgot this gem of a line. Hope it helps someone else  out as well.

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