Thursday, 22 September 2016

New Activities in lab

Tried something new again in lab today to get the students to interact with the material in different ways instead of just memorizing. I asked the students to write down a specific body projection ie. right posteroanterior (PA) wrist. The other student would then ask questions trying to narrow down the projections they have learned until getting the correct answer.
It was very interesting to compare how each student attacked the challenge.
Some students asked right away if it was a hand projection, or if it was the right side others asked if there was rotation in the image.

I mentioned this activity to a fellow instructor and he looked at it from an anatomy perspective. Ie does this projection have a short bone in it? (carpals) . Then followed it up with is the projection distal to the wrist joint?

The lesson I learned form this is the questions you have are based on your experience with the subject. If I played this game in a year I think the students would ask different higher level questions to narrow down their options.

Best part about this activity was everyone had played 20 questions before so I did not have to spend class time explain the rules.
All and all the students enjoyed the activity and I learned from it as well.

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