Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hello everybody. PIDP 3100 is my last course in the program before I tackle my capstone project. I actually tried to take this course first but found it too overwhelming while teaching a full course load and getting used to the online format. I am hoping for a different result this time and a different perspective now that I have taken the other courses. I am currently about to start my third year teaching at Camosun College in the Medical Radiography program (x-ray) and have grown so much as an instructor, with the help of these courses and support of my colleagues. I have two beautiful children, 2 and 5 years of age and a beautiful supportive wife that have helped me get through the first few years of teaching as it has had it's ups and downs.  Anyone that is starting their career and taking these courses is taking a step forward to success in my opinion as they have really given me ideas and information to allow me to better understand what is going on in the classroom. As far as spare time, (who has that the first years as a teacher? :) ) , I enjoy playing basketball but am currently recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.

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