Friday, 28 July 2017

Transformative learning

I just finished the chapter on transformative learning and found this video valuable in providing tips for this type of learning. I was unaware of what transformative learning was until it was defined by Clark.  "Transformative learning shapes people. They are different afterward in ways both they and others can recognize." (as cited in  Merriam, and Bierema, 2014)
I was trying to think of times that this has occurred with me and I kept on coming back to my experiences travelling. Many times travelling changed my opinions of what I previous knew, it gave me a different perspective. Often when you come home from along period of time family and friends will notice a change in you, I feel this is because of transformative learning. I always notice a change in myself when I go travelling as well.  I think this is why I love to travel!


Merriam, S.B., & Bierema, L.L., (2014). Adult Learning: Linking theory and Practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
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