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Ch.17 - Responding to Students' Resistance to Learning

Ways to help reduce resistance - create diversity and balance credibility and authenticity

Passages I liked in this chapter are:

"..we cannot become something we are not." p. 232
This was referring to our ability to teach in different ways. We can make adjustments and learn new tasks but we are who we are for the most part. This actually made me feel really good as I feel I have a style but I can't do every style well. For example I use humor in my daily lessons because this is who I am and other instructors would go with the more serious approach, which I prefer not to do.

Assess learning incrementally so the students are able to make adjustments so it is not a surprise and stress filled anxiety moment when they are writing a final that is worth 75% of their mark.

I found this chapter was very helpful with suggestions. For example: "Any time you give out an assignment, distribute as much information as you can about the criteria, indicators, rubrics and grading policies used to judges students' work." p.234  and must importantly check with the students if they fully understand.  I couldn't agree more. Never assume. I do feel thought there is a time where too much material is an overload so the material that is given out must be essential.

"Success is addictive, failure demoralizing." p. 235 I have seen this first hand when the activity is at a level too high for the student. This shows the importance of planning.

"The problem is that students may well experience such interventions as annoying increases in pressure that only serve to create anxiety and inhibit learning even more. When I'm struggling to learn something new and difficult there are times when I just need to pause, take a breath, and think about what I'm going to do next. Having a teacher pounce on me, quiz me about my problem, and start giving me a motivational speech is the last thing I need. " p.236
This was very interesting because this is what I would probably do as a teacher and this has made me reevaluate my actions and give a break to allow the student to take it all in. Learning is hard work and this is something that is often forgotten with teachers because we are driving the bus and have the knowledge. I have marked this passage as very important to remember!

"the learner has to make the internal commitment to become involved" p.237
This quote actually helped me a lot because it takes off some of the stress I was feeling as a new teacher. It is my fault if they do not learn this and pass the national exam etc. Some of the effort and responsibility is on the student.It is a partnership and the student must take ownership of their learning.

"Remember that resistance to learning is normal, natural and inevitable. The trick is to make sure it interferes as little as possible with classroom activities that others see as important and helpful." p.238

Hopefully we can all master the dance of teaching ! (resistance and teaching power)

Brookfield, S. D. (2015). The skillful teacher: on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom. Jossey-Bass.

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