Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Teaching teachers to create MAGIC!

Teaching teachers to create MAGIC!

I found a subject that is true to my heart! How do you teach that magic to teachers! We have all seen it before, movies like Dead Poet's Society, Lean on Me, Dangerous Minds. Their is a teacher that finds a way to be engaging, to read the students to keep them on the edge of the seats and want to come to class to learn. The students are waiting on what the instructor will say or do next! I challenge you to look at how you teach and ask yourself what could you do different? I sometimes read in instructor books that you do not have to be a performer as a teacher but I disagree with that. I think you do have to perform a bit, you have to read your audience, know when you have them, know when you are losing them and what you can do to get them back. You have to deliver the content in a way that will be heard! This to me is performing! 

I enjoyed what Chris Edin said when he was mentioning that somewhere a teacher is lecturing about engagement and it is not engaging. How ironic! 

I want students to be excited to come to class and I believe some of that responsibility is on the instructor and their story telling! "Make dead classes come alive!!" -Christopher Emdin (2014)

Head to your barbershops, concerts, churches! find a mentor or someone that is a good story teller and study them. What do they do differently then everyone else? and then bring this to your classroom!  

Hope you are inspired by the possibilities! 

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