Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Professional Plan - next 5 years

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”

― Harvey MacKay

"It's only a dream until you write it down, and then it becomes a goal." 

-  Emmitt Smith

I have been waiting for this part of the assignment because I am excited to plan for my future and put some thought into it. I have casually done this at work but have not officially written anything down. Hence the quotes above really resonate with me. 

Professionally, I have been instructing for almost 3 years. I have found my place and now have a set of courses which is repeating, which has allowed me to use my development time to gain more knowledge in the area, as some of the material was new to me, and to develop lesson plans and activities that were aligned. This stability has been very beneficial to my growth. I have also been able to produce power points and show my personality within them which is something that was lacking in my first year. I have taken on other roles in the department, quality control of the X-ray rooms, making a roles and responsibilities book for staff and  becoming more familiar with our learning system D2L. I am also now starting to engage with the rest of the campus community because I am not feeling overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. I am now able to balance better. 

In the next few years I plan to complete my PIDP diploma. Specifically, PIDP 3100 by December 2017 and the capstone project by Summer 2018. 

I also plan to complete the development of Radiation Sciences II by April 2018. This includes finding a new text book, power points and lesson plans. The assignments are set up. 
I am also involved in a creativity/innovation project involving Virtual Reality. So this will take up some of my time of the next year. The project is due in May 2018. This involves research on VR equipment, producing a video in the operating room and post processing and application of said video. On aside note, I might even try to use the VR camera to video my lecture for the capstone projection, which I am excited about. 

These are my short term goals and most important to me right now. Completing the PIDP and then using these skills to develop my remaining classes are the top priority. 

Another top priority for me is to get physically back in shape post achilles injury. 

Long term goals:

I would also like to become a super user for our x-ray rooms. This may happen by the time we move to the new building (Jan 2019?) I will try to do this at the hospital as they have the same machines. This is not a major priority as I can get by with the knowledge I have. 

I am hoping to take on more roles and responsibilities within the program. i.e. program leader in the summer.

One of my goals after the PIDP program is complete is to look into further studies and see what will help me reach the next level in my  journey. I am thinking a leadership diploma at Camosun (Leadership Development). This will take me a few years to complete but feel will be valuable in my career and life. I have heard that a Master's will be more valuable but this is something I am not interested in at the present time. 

I also plan to take some courses through the CAMRT,and MTMI on fluoroscopy and digital radiography. This may be more short term as it would be helpful information to apply to the courses I will be developing. 

A long term goal is to become involved with the organization RAD-AID.  An organization that wants to increase and improve radiology

resources in the developing and impoverished countries of the world. I would love if this somehow became part of our program.  

I would also like to continue to work at the hospital to keep my connections and skills up to date. 

I would also like to be part of the Instruction Skills Workshop (ISW) at Camosun as a mentor in the next 5 years. 

Become involved in the CAMRT National Exam. 


I have lots to do and it almost seems overwhelming but feels good to write them out and have some loose time lines. This will be a list that will change I am sure but I have definitely marked my top priorities. 

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