Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What type of learner am I?

 The more and more I take classes the more I find out about what I like and don't like and what kind of learner I am . The reason I was thinking about this is I have had trouble getting started on certain assignments with this new course I am taking. I realized it was because there are multiple assignments happening at the same time and that I like things to be sequential. As well I am having trouble getting motivated for group projects. This could be because of the topic/assignment or because it is online. In other online courses I have had the same issue come up. I have known for awhile I enjoy face to face interaction and a traditional classroom.

The reason I feel this is important as a teacher is to realize that no matter how you set up your course someone will probably not agree and like all your decisions but I feel it is ok because as a learner I do want to be challenged and I can't just do the same things all the time. I would not grow! This is one of the reasons I have enjoyed the PIDP courses while teaching because it has allowed me to always think about the student as I have been one since I started this new job. 

I just took a test to see what my learning style is?
The test takes about 10 mintues.
The final result is I am an Auditory/Visual learner.

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